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A beer crate vehicle Walk-Act

So there I was, sitting on my beer crate after a gig, in a pedestrian zone somewhere in France, wondering, “What else could I do with a chainsaw?” Except to juggle it, of course!


It was busy all around me. People went back and forth, young and old, mothers with strollers, skaters and people on rollerblades went past me. I took a beer from the case and suddenly I knew what to do.

I had to build a BCV – a Beer Crate Vehicle.

Powered by an Echo chainsaw, I can drive up to 30 km/h. In my BCVT (Beer Crate Vehicle Trailer) I can, for example, distribute your giveaways easily and effectively, from small sweets to entire beer or juice bottles.

Each brand of a standard beer or juice crate can quickly be remodeled to fit my vehicle – that way I can also cater to your individual sponsorship requests (perhaps using products from your local brewery or your beverage store).
The BCV was first introduced on German TV in front of 5 million live viewers (ARD-ORF-SF) on New Year’s Eve 1012.

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